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Food Preserve 207 PDF Print E-mail


A pre-wash disinfectant for salad vegetable (consumed uncooked).Disinfects pathogens. Does not require post-treatment rinse. Ingredients are food grade and are of GRAS status. It implies that the preservatives used in it are non-toxic and permitted by regulatory agencies.

Available in 5 litre and 20 litre cans
Where to use We can use this formulation on cut vegetables for salads, food contact surfaces, barrels and casks.
How to use The preservative is diluted 1:20. The cut salad vegetables are dipped in the diluted preservative for 30 minutes, removed, rinsed and used. Food processing tables, platforms etc., should be mopped with the diluted product before and after every use. Barrels and casks are smeared inside with the diluted preservative and used for packaging food articles.
Safety instructions
The product should not be consumed or allowed to come in contact with eyes or skin. Use goggles and hand gloves while handling the concentrate and during the dilution process.
Shelf life
12 months from date of manufacture
pH Acidic