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This is an alkali based, unique degreaser-cleaner. It removes hard soot oil deposits from baking and frying wares such as ovens, grill and frying pans. It also removes other burnt on organic matter deposits. Frying and baking wares tend to develop thick hard to remove soot cum oil deposits, which reduce the efficacy of heat-transfer and affect finished product quality. Oven cleaner has a blend of mineral alkali and wetting agents which facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance of baking and frying wares and all other cooking wares this problem is encountered. Oven cleaner is both effective and easy to rinse.

Available in 5 litre and 20 litre cans
Where to use It is safe to use on brass, copper, iron and vitreous tile.
Where not to use It should not be used on aluminum or galvanized surfaces.
How to use Dilute 1:20 with clean water prior to application. It is applied on surface preferably with a nylon brush, it can also be sprayed. It is allowed to stand for 15-20 minutes and scrubbed with an abrasive pad or hard brush and thoroughly rinsed with potable water and allow to dry.
Safety instructions
The product should not be consumed or allowed to come in contact with skin or eyes. Use goggles, gloves while handling the concentrate.
Shelf life
12 months from date of manufacture
pH Alkaline