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Alpha 2000 is a liquid heavy duty cleaner and degreaser formulated to effectively replace caustic alkaline cleaners, butyl cleaners and solvent emulsions. It rapidly penetrates, suspends and removes oil and grease on hard surfaces . It also removes protein soils, starch and ink.

It has versatile use in supermarkets, bakeries, meat packing plants, poultry, fish and vegetable processors. Also recommended for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing, animal laboratories, poultry farms, hatchery sanitation programs, medical research, and other life science facilities.

Authorized by the USDA for use in Federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants in Category A1. Certified Kosher.

Available in 5 litre and 20 litre cans
Where to use Safe to use on aluminum, galvanized steel, and other soft metals.
Where not to use Avoid contact with soft metals such as aluminum or galvanized surfaces.
How to use Pre-rinse. To remove light soils, dilute one part with 80 parts water. For medium soils, dilute one part with 20 parts water. Dilute one part with 3 parts of water for heavy soils. ALPHA 2000 has successful application using foamers, high pressure sprayers, soak tanks, automatic floor scrubbers, and with manual cleaning procedures. Potable water rinse required.
Safety instructions
It should not be consumed or allowed to come in contact with eyes. Use goggles and hand gloves while handling the concentrate and during the dilution process. Use local exhaust ventilation as needed if spill occur.
Shelf life
5 years from date of manufacture
pH Alkaline