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Schevaran KF 11 is a unique foaming, powerful degreaser-disinfectant, and mildly alkaline concentrate for kitchens, milk dairies and food industry floor maintenance. It is a double action cleaner which effectively removes grease and kills harmful germs. It is specially designed for the cleaning and sanitizing of floors of kitchen which is prone to heavy soil with oily, proteinaceous, starchy and particulate dirt. It reaches all inaccessible areas.

Available in 5 litre and 20 litre cans
Where to use Kitchens in homes, restaurants, hotels and catering establishments. It can also be used in food industry floor maintenance.
How to use For routine use dilute Schevaran KF 11 up to 50 times (1:50) for cleaning and mopping floors. For removing heavier grease and protein and carbohydrate deposits from surfaces dilute Schevaran KF 11 up to 10 times (1:10).
Safety instructions
The product is generally safe to handle. It should not be consumed or allowed to come in contact with eyes. Use goggles and gloves while handling the concentrate and during the dilution process.
Shelf life

12 months from the date of manufacture

pH Alkaline