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Schevaran Legacy PDF Print E-mail

 Schevaran Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. appeared on the Indian scene nearly three decades ago, when no tangible scientific or practical system was available for household or institutional cleaning and sanitation. Today the company has its manufacturing facility complete with quality assurance and R&D laboratories at Mysore, in Karnataka State.

Schevaran - taking steps to a greener tomorrow

  • Enlisted both academia and industry expertise to upgrade its product quality and manufacturing practice in adherence to user-safety and environment care.Environmental_cropped
  • In collaboration with the Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, Schevaran
    developed a unique disinfectant for maintenance of cold storages and refrigerators.
  • Schevaran's collaboration with the Rochester Midland Company of US has enabled the manufacture inGreen_seal_cropped
    India of a range of 'enviro-care' and 'green seal-certified' products.
  • The first to get approval from the Ministry of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India, to manufacture cleaning chemical formulations with foreign collaboration.
  • Manufactures around 150 branded world-class chemical formulations - both eco friendly and user friendly applicable for housekeeping, hospital hygiene, pharmaceutical and food industries, water treatment and institutional and industrial maintenance.
  • All formulations undergo stringent quality assurance and safety tests.

Schevaran Scientific Research Foundation

The objective of Schevaran's Scientific Research Foundation is to promote scientific study and knowledge dissemination in 'Environment Protection and Ecological Care'. The Foundation has a Scientific Advisory panel comprising of eminent scientists, technologists, industry managers, economists and sociologists. Under the Foundation's auspices a well equipped, modern R&D Centre, staffed by highly qualified and experienced scientific as well as technological personnel is being set up.