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F-222 is a heavy duty, liquid alkaline foam cleaner and degreaser. F-222 is effective in the removal of grease and oil, protein soils. It is an effective blend of synthetic detergents, glycol ether solvent, caustic, alkaline builders and polymer chelant. This product produces outstanding results when the food processing operation requires a non-chlorinated foam product.

Authorized by the USDA for use in Federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants in Category A-1. Certified Kosher.

Available in 5 litre cans
Where to use May be used in meat packing plants, seafood and poultry processors, bakeries, and vegetable processors to clean and degrease conveyors, food processing machinery, boning tables, deep fat fryers, ovens, exhaust ducts, double jacketed steam kettles, floors, and walls.
Where not to use Avoid contact with soft metals such as aluminum or galvanized surfaces.
How to use
  • Pre-rinse: Dilutions range from 1:10 to 1:60 depending upon the degree of soil and mode of use.
  • Foam Application: Dilute 1 part F-222 with 10 to 30 parts water.
  • Manual Application: Using a mop, brush, or sponge, dilute 1 part F-222 with 20 to 40 parts Water, depending on the degree and nature of soil.
  • Potable water rinse required on all food contact surfaces.
Safety instructions
It should not be consumed or allowed to come in contact with eyes. Use goggles and hand gloves while handling the concentrate and during the dilution process. Use local exhaust ventilation as needed if spill occur.
Shelf life
5 years from date of manufacture
pH Alkaline