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What is Green Cleaning PDF Print E-mail
Green concepts are centered on conservation and preservation. Conservation is the optimized and judicious use of natural resources and,preservation is protecting the integrity of planet earth. These concepts pervade every aspect of our living, which include our efforts to maintain clean and hygienic environment. Once not considered as so high a priority,cleanliness and hygiene maintenance adopted now by application of science and technology-based principleshas assumed greater importance in the modern world. This involves use of man-made chemicals, procedures,machinery etc., and in all these, green concepts need to be applied, which is (i) by adoption of optimized procedures conserving natural resources and (ii) use of chemicals that are safe for people, animals and environment, being non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non teratogenic, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Why is the emphasis on green cleaning now? There is insistence to shift immediately to overall green way of life of which green cleaning is just one. This insistence is triggered by the realization, authenticated by observations and scientific data, that the past human activity has indeed been the cause for setting us and our life-support systems into a trend towards disastrous consequences. (Human avarice in exploitation of natural resources, misconceived applications of science and technology causing pollution, creation of dangerous factors harmful to environment and eco-system are but a few examples. Wakefulness has come when man realized that he himself is a victim). There are attempts now to intervene and reverse this trend. Green cleaning, if faithfully adopted would be one small added item of efforts to realize this objective.