Why degreasers are mandatory for commercial Kitchens

Why commercial kitchens need a special product

Commercials kitchens work in an environment of high temperatures, gases, ovens and other types of equipment. Along with these hot tools used, cooking oils and greasy food ingredients used for cooking can create a dense layer of grease in the kitchen area including walls and other pieces of equipment. 

This kind of grease in the kitchen can lead to an easy spread of bacteria and other germs leading to issues like food contamination, health issues, safety hazards, etc. Preventing such hazards and creating a healthy and hygienic work environment can be possible only with the usage of appropriate commercial kitchen degreaser. 

A greasy and slippery floor and walls are some of the critical problems that commercial kitchens usually face. Leaving it to the sanitation worker alone after a long day of oily work can lead to negligence. Thus, cleaning chemicals like degreasers play an important role in the upkeep of commercial kitchens, helping them maintain the standards of hygiene and sanitation. This also ensures a healthy work environment for the kitchen staff.

What kind of degreaser should you use for your commercial kitchen?


When choosing a degreaser, the first factor would definitely be effectiveness. The product has to be of high quality and must contain a really good formula to work on thick greases formed in your kitchen. Choosing a less effective one can shift the work towards your sanitation workers resulting in manual negligence of cleanliness. 

Residue and formula

It is important to know what kind of formula goes into the chemicals that you use in your kitchen. For eg, some products can end up leaving behind a residue which can be disadvantageous and attract more dirt and contaminants. Using products which evaporate sooner and is effective could lead to you saving money in the long term. This could also lead to fewer accidents in the kitchen with an unaware worker. 


As long as you are looking at the formula of your cleaner, it is also essential to know if the product is safe to use for your kitchen specifically. Ask questions like “Will the formula create discoloration in the metal you use? Is it safe to use for the kind of materials used in your kitchen?”

Concentrated or Diluted

Some cleaning solutions can have two ranges – concentrated and diluted. As the names suggest, a concentrated solution will have to be mixed with water for effective usage. This can be shipped easily and can save money over a period of time. A diluted solution is ready-to-use and easy to handle without any mixing of water. 

Know your degreaser type 

Degreasers are usually categorized by the content of pH level, chemical properties, and applications. The most common degreaser is a general-purpose degreaser that contains the usual detergents, solvents, and mild alkalinity. This can be used as effectively even for floor scrubbing. But a specialized floor scrubbing would be ideal for this purpose. This can have variable levels of alkalinity and foaming surfactants based on your kitchen requirement. On contrary to this is an oven degreaser which contains high-foaming surfactants and alkaline builders. 

When the kitchen has a hard surface, an RTU degreaser works more effectively than the rest. The difference here is that this has a water-soluble solvent. 

Safety and Environment

Safety is of the utmost importance for sanitation workers when they are handling such products. It is always wise to choose non-toxic brands that may be safer to use every day. It is advised not to use oil-based degreasers as it can increase the chance of kitchen accidents due to its high risk of being flammable. Water-based solutions are safer in comparison. Apart from choosing a safe product, it is necessary for the sanitation worker to wear protective clothing, cover eyes and use gloves and a mask when using a chemical product. 

It is imperative to check if the cleaning solution that you are choosing is good for the environment. Checking labels to see if the brand is green and if the product is eco-friendly is a must in today’s scenario. This is checked mainly due to pollution to the environment when discarded haphazardly. 

It is very critical to check if the product you are choosing complies with the industry regulations. If it does, then a lot of other factors automatically fall into place.

Choosing a high-quality and safe cleaner like Schevaran’s Alkaline Degreaser could be effective and safe for your commercial kitchen. Its powerful formula removes stains, oil, grease from all sorts of surfaces like floor, walls and even the ovens.