World-class Restrooms: Making them a Welcome Sight for your Customer

A crucial role of running a high-quality facility is keeping the restrooms spotless. According to a survey by X, “95% of consumers surveyed said they would avoid an establishment in the future if they found the restroom to be dirty.”

When your brand works hard on providing great products and services, a restroom should not be the reason why a customer is dissatisfied. Every penny spent on cleanliness will transform as a tool for consistent customer satisfaction, preventing health hazards and even increasing the average revenue. 

In order to keep your commercial restroom tidy with high standards, here’s a cleaning guide. This list of best practices for cleaning your restroom should come in handy for providing a welcoming experience for your customers.

Start with safety

Before the cleaning task starts, the employees have to be trained fully well on the chemicals and different equipment to be used at the job. Knowing which chemicals to mix and when is crucial to know for every sanitation employee. Wearing proper personal protective gear also contributes to safety. Equipment like gloves, masks and goggles are absolutely mandatory for employee safety. This will also prevent any potentially infectious substances from spreading. 

Pre-cleaning the toilets and urinals

Pre-treating the bowls with cleaner ahead of time will give you the best results. A product like Schevaran’s Super Fresh Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner would be ideal for this purpose. 

Once these toilets are cleaned inside and out, the dry cleaning of the restroom can commence. Ensure that all of the handles, knobs are cleaned and disinfected

Dry cleaning and dusting

Always remember to start working the area from top to bottom when it comes to dusting. Use a tall duster to remove dust from ceiling corners, wall vents, tops of partitions, door frames, window sills, light fixtures and other hidden high areas that may gather dust. The regularity can be once or twice a week.

Once all the debris from the dusting is removed, you can move to the process of mopping.

Exterior wet cleaning

Before the exterior cleaning starts, make sure that all the dispensers are refilled. Disinfect the dispensers every time before you refill them. Exterior wet cleaning includes cleaning sinks, mirrors, walls, fixtures leaving no mark behind. Mop the floor finally from the back of the restroom to the door and let it dry before walking in. 

Drains and disinfectants

Now that the exteriors are taken care of, the sanitation employees must remember to unclog the drain and use relevant cleaners to prevent any smell. 

Double-check to see if you have disinfected the whole area like – dispensers, toilets, sinks, and any other touchpoints you may have missed.

Here are some pointers which are usually missed while cleaning 

  • Careful cleaning of high contact touchpoints has to be done to prevent the spreading of germs. 
  • Having a smudge-free mirror will help boost the image of the facility.
  • Areas that are hard to reach – behind the toilets, sinks, etc can cause an odor over time if they are not cleaned regularly. 
  • Some areas which are often missed out are air vents, restroom lighting, and even the janitorial carts. 
  • The supply cart or closet has to be properly labeled, well-stocked and regularly updated. 

Why using the right product like Schevaran’s Super Fresh Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner is important? 

Daily maintenance is easier 

With the right products, the staff will find it easier to maintain day-to-day cleanliness. Missing this deep cleaning method can lead to future repair costs. 

High-Pressure Cleaning

With bigger facilities, high-pressure cleaning is also provided. This helps in removing dirt that cannot be reached manually or by brushes.

Pleasant experience

This will offer a pleasant experience for the visiting customers leaving a clean and fresh scent.