– high performance white ultra-microfiber mop with backing for velcro system

It is indicated for the washing/disinfection of floors with a medium/high degree of dirt.
Suggested for cleaning inside floors (hotels, houses, offices, hospitals etc.).



  • The complete line of RAPIDO SUPER mops has obtained the ECOLABEL certification, it’s an EU environmental quality label that allows to recognize the environmentally friendly products, certifying the reduced environmental impact of the product in its whole life cycle, qualifying it in the market.
  • Thanks to a special twisting process, this yarn keeps its shape and structure even after many washing cycles with low linting
  • Thanks to its structure, the microfiber absorbs more due to its yarn capillarity and it covers a wider cleaning area
  • Support for velcro system: it is an innovative unshrinkable material which is non-linting and does not fade keeping its characteristics unaltered
  • Made in Italy with solar energy
  • Latex-free product

Ideale per tutte le superfici (specialmente quelle porose) con grado di sporco medio-alto

Yarn: 32 split microfibre 80% polyester – 20% polyamide – decitex = 0.2
Backing: polyamide
The net weight of the single piece can be +/- 5%

SUGGESTED washing temperature max 55/60° C with normal detergent for textiles (always follow the chemical manufacturer’s information)
Washing temperature: max 90°C (+/- 5°C) ONLY WITH WATER
Normal rinse cycle
Normal tumble dry (under 900 rpm)
Mechanical drying at low temperature

Follow carefully the washing instructions and warnings on the detergent packaging (temperature and dosing) before washing
To guarantee a better performance of microfiber, wash it at least twice before use
Always a pre-wash cycle in cold water to remove any residue of chemical solution
Do not use softener
Do not use chlorine or bleach
Use alkaline detergents with Ph < 11
We suggest to use the specific net bags for the mop washing

Up to 500 washings if all washing instructions and warnings are respected

La frangia asciutta assorbe almeno 3 volte il suo peso