Veg Wash Prime – Disinfectant Pre Wash for whole vegetables and fruits – 1 Ltr

Veg wash prime is formulated as a disinfectant for fresh and uncut fruits and vegetables. It can also be used for disinfecting food contact surfaces like kitchen tables, cutting tools and kitchen platforms. Its ingredients are food grade and safe. It also increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Reduces surface pesticides, kills germs, removes dirt & dust, increases shelf life

Organic acids, Salt, Food grade preservative and demineralized water.

Directions for use:
Dilute the product at 1:20 dilution (50ml Veg wash prime in 1 Ltr clean water). Dip the whole fresh vegetables/fruits for 10 mins. Take out and store without rinsing. Before use, rinse in clean running water.  For cut fruits and vegetables, dilute 20ml in 1 litre clean water , dip only for 3 minutes and rinse lightly in clean water. For kitchen tables and platforms, mop with the diluted product (20ml in 1 litre of water).

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Weight1.1 kg